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Cele de fictiune, asa cum indica si denumirea, sunt izvorate din imaginatia autorului, chiar daca multe dintre ele pot fi inspirate din evenimente petrecute in realitate. Pentru orice solicitare apelati call center-ul Libris de luni pana vineri intre orele

Review-uri 0 This is a fantastic compendium of the greatest card games from around the world, including the history, rules, and winning strategies for each game, with more than illustrations.

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It covers everything from fun and simple games for beginners and family players, to professional tips and expert guidance for advanced play in serious games of chance. It is a comprehensive, practical guide to over games, explaining how to play and win.

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It offers clear instructions make great dating harwood book a useful one for players at all levels - beginners, intermediates and experts.

It covers all the world's most popular games, including bridge, gin rummy, blackjack, poker, solitaire, piquet and cribbage. It details the rules of each game, with strategies for play, history and fascinating facts about famous players.

This essential reference for card-game players brings together all the best card games, including canasta, bridge, rummy, blackjack, cribbage, whist, solitaire and poker.

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The book opens with a brief history of cards, with tutorials for beginners on general play, and a gold mine of tips for intermediate and advanced players. The practical heart of the book is divided into two sections covering trick-taking and non-trick taking games. Here are all the classics plus scores of lesser-known treats such as Thirty-One Rum and Spit.

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Whether you want to settle a dispute about rules or find a new game for the great dating harwood, this is the only book you will ever need on the subject. Livrarea se face din stoc din depozitul de carte Libris, in zilele lucratoare.

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Transportul este gratuit prin funny one liners online dating rapid, oriunde in Romania, pentru orice comanda de minimum 90 de lei. Pentru orice solicitare apelati call center-ul Libris de luni pana vineri intre orele Termenul de livrare este de săptămâni de la plasarea comenzii.

Din cauza contextului pandemic global şi a instabilităţii graniţelor, acest termen poate fi depăşit în cazuri excepţionale.

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Astfel, expedierea unei comenzi care contine acest produs ar putea dura intre 7 si 10 zile. Va multumim pentru intelegere.

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